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Choose organic formula ingredients

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Test your formula

​With 20 years of private label manufacturing experience, we offer a wide variety of time-tested, award-winning natural and organic haircare and skincare formulations. Whether you're just starting out in the world of selling skincare, haircare or other personal care products or looking to expand your existing line, we've got you covered.

  • Choose from a variety of label design templates

  • Select from our stock of carbon footprint-reducing packaging

  • Add custom ingredients to make your products as unique as your brand

  • Launch at a cost-effective pace with low minimum order quantities

  • Enjoy expedited label proofing

"I am a huge fan of your hair and skincare lines, I feel pampered and self loved after I give myself a full on OMAJ spa hair, face and body treatment."  Abby

Do you already have a brand? click here to find out how we can serve your needs.

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Samples of base formulas are available for testing. Enquire for more options.
Once approved, your formula will be finalized with 
your chosen additions.


  • Cleanser

  • Toner

  • Exfoliator

  • Moisturizer

  • Eye Cream

  • Facial Oil 


  • Shampoo

  • Dry shampoo

  • Conditioner

  • Leave-in conditioner

  • Blow dry lotion

  • Styling gel

  • Mousse

  • Hairspray

  • Styling cream


  • Body wash

  • Lotion 

  • Massage oil

  • Body butter


  • Your favorite carrier oils

  • Essential oils

  • Organic infusions 

  • Hyaluronic Acid (botanical)

The labels we use are versatile, durable and made with materials that are made of 80% calcium carbonate and 20% polyethylene resin resulting in an eco-friendly paper. They are sustainable, water-resistant, durable, and truly unique.
NOTE: Visualize various label & packaging combinations in our new 3-D proofing system.
Packaging components all sourced from sustainable sources as much as is possible including:
  • PCR Bottles
  • PCR Jars
  • Paper shakers 
  • Glass is all lead free
Choose from a list of:
  • Your favorite carrier oils
  • Essential oils ​
  • Organic herbal infusions
  • Your favorite exotic oils to be added to the formula. 
Samples of base formulas with your chosen essential oils are available for testing. Once approved your formula will be finalized with your chosen carrier oils, infusions and added exotic oils.  
Lastly, once label designs and sizes have been decided, ingredients and product names finalized, and contact information for your company has been provided, the label files will be sent to our printer in South Carolina. Upon your approval of label proofs, they will be printed, sent to us for application, bottle filling and delivery to your door. 
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  • Shampoo & Conditioner

  • ​Hairspray, mousse, styling gels & creams

  • Moisturizers, body butters & lotions

  • Cleansers & toners

  • Massage oils

  • Infusions & water-based extracts

  • Essential oils


  • Packaging

  • Cold & Hot Filling from bulk

  • Label application

  • Auto capping

  • Induction sealing

  • Sample satchet filling

  • Batch coding

  • Shrinkwrap kitting (2 to 6 pack)

  • International pallet packing

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