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Theses testimonials were volunteered from our private label clients over the years. 

I had been on a search for more natural, chemical-free products and a friend introduced me to the products. I first fell in love with the shampoos/conditioners and body butter. In the last few months, I have loved everything I tried and currently use both for hair care and facial care. It feels so healthy and responsible to be putting these products on my body and in my hair! I feel I have received such an education about what is really in the products I was using (even many that said they were natural/organic) and I will not go back to those chemical-laden products.


I am a relatively new convert to this product line, and although I haven't tried them all, I have loved each and every one that I have tried. What's more, when I shared some of the product with a friend who has rosacea, she ordered the skin care products as well! What I noticed most about my fr iend, was that her skin was not as red as it had been - and she wears no makeup. I am a convert.


I enjoy using these organic products. I know that I am using products that are safe, plus they also work!


I am really enjoying my new healthy perm. My hair seems to be thicker & less dry than with any other perm I've gotten. That is also probably due to the use of volumizing Shampoos & Conditioners. It's wonderful not having the smell every time my hair gets wet. The Curl defining lotion works very well too. It is especially great to use between shampoos helping my hairdo spring right back into shape. I just love it & get lots of compliments.


I feel so lucky to have found these products. I have MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) and chemical-free salons just don't exist locally- until if found these products. It is so wonderful to be able to enjoy hair and beauty products again. I am able to use these products- even most of the scents don't bother me and they don't "hang" on you. They are pleasant and dissipate quickly. I now even get my hair highlighted again after years of abstaining. I have gotten more compliments on my hair in the few years I've been using these products than ever before. My hair is naturally frizzy but since using the products, you wouldn't know it. I would recommend these products to anyone who is chemically sensitive; I think you will find a big difference.


I am really enjoying using the products. I really like the Body Butter and the volumizing shampoo and conditioner.


I tried the Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner and loved it. I immediately contacted my distributor and set up an appointment for a hair cut and color. I received so many positive comments on both the cut and the color that I've been going back ever since! I've tried mostly all the skin care and hair products recommended for my skin type and love them all! The milk and honey cleanser and Exfoliating shower gele' are wonderful. Thank you for your dedication to providing only the most healthful and beneficial skin care products on the market!


Wow. This line of products are total lifesavers! I love all of her products: shampoos and conditioners (especially the dandruff one, which is awesome), hairspray and hair milk, my husband loves her hair gel, Angel Myst (calendula is so yummy smelling), and I just started using her skin care line and mineral foundation - WOW!!! My hair, and now my skin, have never felt this good! I can't help touching my face right now, it feels amazing!! I get so many compliments on how wonderful my hair color is and the look/feel of it. Thank you!!!


I have recently come to love the Hair Spray. I have used it for about 6 months. Just the other day, I used a non-organic aerosol hairspray, and within hours my scalp became itchy. With the hairspray, my scalp never itched. I also noticed I didnt have to hold my breath while spraying my hair. Thanks for a great product!


I first was introduced to these products when I was looking for a natural foundation. I was running out of my old kind and was told it would take time to order it. Since I don't like to go anywhere without foundation and mascara I was looking for a natural source. I tried these products and loved the healthy ingredients. I believe what you put on your skin also affects your health. I have tried many of her products and just love them. The “distributor” has a wonderful, pure line and she is very excited about it. She cares about people and talks to them about how they can improve their health. Denise


I love all of the products I have tried!! From the shampoos and conditioners, skin care and body care, I have been satisfied with every product! When a friend asks how I get my hair to look so shiny and healthy I realize how much I was destroying my hair with chemicals before I switched. Thanks!


G Henise
When I was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue, I was told that chemicals and most preservatives in products would be harmful to my already compromised immune system. I knew that I would need to get an organic perm, and I was relieved to find this hair product line. I was also pleased with the results. Even my husband preferred the new perm, stating that it looked like I had a natural wave in my hair. That was a bonus! :-) - G. Henise


Dr. M. Knaub
These products is my answer to prayers. For years I searched for pure organic products without any results. I Thank God for this distributor and her products! The products are the best products on the market now! Dr. Knaub


I really enjoy the products. I haven't tried them all but the ones I have, I only have positive things to say about them. I highlight my hair and ever since I’ve switched to organic, there is less damage. My hair looks and feels ten times healthier! I don't think I could ever go back!


All I can say is WOW! I was skeptical about how these products would perform on my ethnic relaxed hair. She used several organic hair products on my hair for cleaning, conditioning, etc. My hair has never been this soft, full of shine and body ever. I am hooked!! I have told other people of color about it too.


Ever since I was introduced to these products, I've been "hooked"! That was about (2) years ago. Before I was using the products, I was dealing with frizzy hair, which is more common with women my age. (52)I was especially frustrated because it used to never be an issue with me. Guess what? These hair products gave me back the silky hair I had when I was younger! Plus, I love working with my distributor-- she's the best!!


My hair is definitely healthier and shinier. I also LOVE the body butter!!


The diaper rash ointment is superb! It goes on clear and easy... with no residue at the next diaper change. The best part is that it takes only one or two applications and the skin is clear and healthy looking. I'm very thankful that she shared this with me. I also want to comment on the sunblock for babies. This product works A+ ! It covers easily and truly protects baby's skin in the hot beach sun.


My hair was getting extremely dry after many highlights from other hair salons. My hair is now much softer, shiner, and healthier. I also have thin hair and found that her volumizing shampoo & conditioner work great. Additionally, I've noticed much less of my hair daily washing down the drain. I also like the mousse. With my thin hair, there are few products I can use that actually give my hair style without weighing it down. This product does the trick! And all smell wonderful!


There's nothing like starting my day with the use of her hair products because the smell makes me happy and there's no better way to start my day!


I've had the pleasure of using these products throughout my pregnancy, and I feel peace of mind knowing that I'm not harming myself or the baby each time I shampoo and condition it. I'm highly impressed by the quality of the organic line - the products last a long time and smell heavenly. I would highly recommend them!


I love these Products! It is a relief to know that what I am putting on my hair and skin is benefiting it, instead of harming it like other products. I appreciate the commitment to quality. All the ingredients are so beneficial to the body. I also love the performance of the products. They perform as well as or better than other products I've tried. My hair looks and feels great - no sticky, weird residues. I can actually avoid washing my hair every day (what a time saver) because her products are conditioning and strengthening it, not leaving something that needs to be washed out. Thanks,


Sally P.
I love the smell and feel of the shampoo and conditioner for dry hair. I passionately believe in chemical free personal care products. We are literally killing ourselves with all the chemicals that we use on our skin and body. I highly recommend these products for anyone.


These products are simply amazing, truly a "Miracle." I never realized that the commercial products I purchased in stores caused my poor complexion, clogging my pores. But with these products, my skin is clear; you really do see and feel a difference! The esssential oils are so beneficial to your mind, body and spirit. These products have launched me into a "greener" lifestyle that now goes beyond just my shampoo. I can't tell enough people about how incredible these products are--and how good they've made me feel about myself, my skin. Thank you,


Thank You, I have many sensitivities to smells, so with these products I can have products with no scent and I can use the Citrus Hairspray. The light hold is perfect, does not get matted. Helen


I have rosacea and the products recommended to use has not only cleared it up but has kept it from coming back. Everyone compliments me on how beautiful my skin looks now and I tell them it is because of a Miracle!! Not only that but the products smell wonderful and there are many scents to choose from. Love them all!!!

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